We’re making spend control and expense management easier—because every dollar counts 

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Meet the future of small business finance

Whether you’re reconciling employee expenses, issuing business cards, or managing your budget, our expense management and spend control software helps you do more with your money. Seriously, you’ll thank us later. 

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Schedule a demo and see how it works

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Take a look around at oodles of finance features you’ll love—without complicated tech

You’re always in control of your spending

  • Set your spending policies and let us be the bad guy.

  • Create, fund, and allocate budgets. Then track and control how they’re spent.

  • Embed spend limits and restrictions directly onto ClearSpend cards.

  • Set daily, monthly, or per transaction spending limits.

  • Limit spending based on merchant categories (like restaurants or shopping).

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See how spend control works

ClearSpend Web Product set spending policies, digitize your expense policy, in bed spend limits and restrictions directly onto ClearSpend cards
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Freaky fast expense management (and not a spreadsheet in sight)

  • Control spend before it happens with card limits and restrictions.

  • Easily categorize payments using the ClearSpend app or dashboard.

  • Attach receipts directly in the app when payments are made.

  • Automatically sync transactions, categories, and receipts with Quickbooks Online.

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See how expense management works

A card that gives you more control than ever

Control freaks rejoice

  • Make sure all spending is ‘planned’ spending.

  • Control down to the nitty gritty details over how much can be spent, and on what.

  • All the virtual cards you could ever want—for free!

  • No more reimbursing employees for using their personal cards ever again.

  • Quickly create and manage cards from the ClearSpend dashboard or app.

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See how ClearSpend Go Cards work

CleaSpend virtual credit cards give you more control in real time with the app or the dashboard
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We play nicely with QuickBooks

To make your life easier and less headache-y, we decided to integrate ClearSpend with QuickBooks Online.

Everything a small business owner (and their bookkeeper) ever dreamed of

(Maybe even more...)

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Easy to get started

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Instant Application

Any US-based business can sign up. If you have an EIN, you qualify for ClearSpend.

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No Credit Check

Once we verify your business and owner details, you’re golden.

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No Fees

ClearSpend is free to businesses of any size. There are no monthly fees, transaction fees, interest charges, or card issuing fees.

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Bank Funded

Fund your ClearSpend account from your business bank account. ClearSpend supports most US banks.

Makes life so much better

  • Prepaid Debit

    All the controls, none of the surprise bills at the end of the month.

  • Budget Management

    Create, fund, and allocate budgets. Then track and control how they’re spent.

  • Spend Controls

    Set daily and monthly limits. Set different merchant categories for each card (like gas or hardware stores only).

  • Expense Tracking

    Easily categorize payments using the ClearSpend app or dashboard.

  • Receipt Management

    Attach receipts directly in the app when payments are made, before they get lost in the wind…

  • Bank-Grade Security

    We use the strongest security controls and multi-factor authentication. Our app supports biometric ID and PIN-based login.

Works when and where you need it

ClearSpend App

Easily manage your physical and virtual payment cards from the free app (coming soon).

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Real Time Card Management

Create or cancel virtual and physical cards with a click. Anytime, anywhere, no need to call.

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Apple Pay and Google Pay

Load your ClearSpend card (virtual or physical) to your smart phone or watch for tap-to-pay convenience.

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Visa Network

Fraud protection you know and trust. Prompt refunds for fraudulent-proved transactions.

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Unlimited Virtual Cards

Issue as many virtual cards as you need.

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Accounting Integration

Save time and hassle by syncing transactions and receipts with QuickBooks Online.

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Copy Virtual Cards

Quickly tap to copy your virtual card numbers to use on e-commerce sites.

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What are "Spend Controls"?

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ClearSpend cards can be individually configured with per-transaction, daily, and monthly spend limits, as well as the types of merchants and payment methods that will be approved. Want to block online shopping or only allow a card to be used at restaurants? We got you.

Does ClearSpend integrate with Xero?

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We're working on it. Expect to see Xero integrated later this year.

Who qualifies for ClearSpend?

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Any US-based business with an EIN and US bank account.

How is ClearSpend different than its competitors?

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ClearSpend does not require a credit check and can be set up in minutes. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees, and ClearSpend is free to businesses of any size.

Does ClearSpend integrate with QuickBooks?

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ClearSpend integrates with QuickBooks Online to sync your transactions, categories, notes, and receipts. And there's no charge to use this feature.

What is ClearSpend?

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ClearSpend is the only free expense management platform built with and for small businesses and their bookkeepers. ClearSpend makes it easy for businesses to create and fund budgets, issue spend-restricted payment cards to employees, categorize transactions, collect receipts, and sync everything to your accounting system, saving you time and money.

What type of ClearSpend cards can be issued?

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ClearSpend issues virtual and physical cards, both equipped with the Visa logo. Virtual cards are issued instantly. Physical cards take 5-10 days to print and ship via US mail. Both cards can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Where can I use ClearSpend cards?

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ClearSpend cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted for in-store for swipe, chip, and tap transactions, plus online purchases. ClearSpend cards cannot be used for ATM withdrawals or PIN-based transactions.

Is ClearSpend secure?

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ClearSpend has state-of-the-art data encryption protocols, which means all your data is always secure and monitored.

Does ClearSpend have a mobile app?

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Yes! Unlike some of our competitors *cough* Ramp *cough* we do have both an iOS and Android app. We think they're rather good looking too...search ClearSpend in the app store or Google Play and find us there.

How much does ClearSpend cost?

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Zero dollars. Yup, nothing. Nada. No dimes, no pennies. ClearSpend is free, forever, for everyone.

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