All the expense management, none of the spreadsheets

ClearSpend can help you quickly and easily track, manage, and categorize your expenses.
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Nip unapproved spending in the bud

With hyper specific card limits and restrictions, you can control not only how much gets spent, but what it gets spent on. Want to give someone a card they can only spend on gas? No problem. A debit card for $250 on Suzie’s birthday party expenses? We got you covered. 

Computer showing ClearSpend app
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Submit receipts before they get lost under the front seat of your car

Have employees attach and submit receipts the moment they spend money using the ClearSpend app. Receipts show up in the ClearSpend dashboard for instant digital approval—so you never have to get old french fry grease on your desk ever again. 

Eliminate the need for expense reports

ClearSpend provides a standard list of expense categories to organize your payments by type of expense, so it’s easy to do reporting come tax time.

A list of categories
A list of spending categories

Make your bookkeeper happy

And if you are a bookkeeper, congratulations! ClearSpend can save you time and hassle by automatically syncing transactions, categories, and receipts with QuickBooks Online. What’s more, we’ll align to your established Chart of Accounts so everything lines up perfectly.

No more expense tracking headaches, no more fees.

Did we mention that ClearSpend is free?

Seriously, there’s no catch. ClearSpend is totally free.

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