ClearSpend was made to be better than Expensify

With per-user fees for basic tools, Expensify can get pretty darn expensive. ClearSpend provides all the expense management tools and corporate cards you need—for free—with unlimited users and cards. Switch to ClearSpend from Expensify and get a $250 bonus!

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ClearSpend vs. Expensify

Instead of charging monthly fees AND per-card fees, ClearSpend provides all the features you need and more—for free!

  • Pricing
  • Unlimited free cards
  • Customer service
  • Spend control
  • User experience
  • Visa network
  • Mobile app
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Receipt management
  • Free
  • Phone, chat, email
  • Granular and free
  • Simple and easy
  • Up to $9+/user/mo
  • Chat only
  • Limited and costly*
  • Bulky and confusing
  • Yes (but...)*

*Expensify’s free version doesn’t come with spend control features or a Quickbooks integration, you gotta cough up the dough for that. At ClearSpend, we believe those tools should be free.

Like what you see? Switch from Expensify to ClearSpend and get a $250 bonus

No more fees, no more nickel-and-diming to unlock features. ClearSpend provides top-tier spend control tools, unlimited cards, concierge-like support, and the expense management solutions you need.

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Businesses are loving ClearSpend

Business owners, managers, accountants, and bookkeepers from all walks of life are getting pumped up about what ClearSpend can do for them.

“Clearspend is a game changer for managing employee spend. We own 5 self-storage properties and have always been challenged with reimbursing local contractors for adhoc expenses. Clearspend lets us issue virtual card with specific spending limits, eliminating the back and forth of manual reimbursement. Also great for issuing cards to our managers for regular company spend. These guys should be charging for the service—can't believe it's free.”

G2 reviewer and small business administrator

“I like the different buckets of the spend, that right there saves me time. I love the virtual card, it’s a no brainer for all our people. The dashboard is a nice, quick, easy access point, it's all right there in front of you. There's so many things that are a home run for us. And it makes our jobs in managing those cards much easier. Sign me up. I'm ready!”

Michael G
Facilities Management Company Owner

"The mass amount of cards is a huge thing for us, and then also being able to set that budget and spending limits, it's a really big deal. It’s fantastic for reducing the amount of theft that we have to process. ClearSpend’s virtual cards are great too. The virtual cards we’ve been using with Chase are so complicated to set up. It usually takes three people working for an hour and a half to get one established, and then it still takes 24 hours before it's active, so fixing that issue is great. Also, it’s fantastic that it’s free because I’m tired of paying all these fees."

Mae M
COO of a live theatre production company
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Take a peek, no one is watching…

Click through the ClearSpend dashboard below to see how it works

ClearSpend is designed for the small businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants that other expense management solutions have left behind with their high fees, minimum balance requirements, credit checks, and other exclusionary practices. By making ClearSpend accessible and free, we’re providing small businesses with access to the expense management, corporate card, and spend control solutions they deserve.