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We built ClearSpend off the feedback, insights, and voice of small business owners and their accountants...

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ClearSpend is a free all-in-one expense management and spend control platform for small businesses.

If you’re attempting to sign up for ClearSpend, you need to know what you’re getting into. And, more importantly, where we started. Hence, your guide to how ClearSpend started.

Here’s how ClearSpend started

  • We swung open our metaphorical doors in 2021 as ClearSpend Inc.
    ClearSpend was designed as an alternative to oversized, expensive expense management and spend control software. We want to give small business owners an amazing tool but may not have the funds and resources to use our larger competitors. The costs are so high that it seems like software reserved for people with vacation homes and nicknames like Bunny. 

    We wanted to make ClearSpend more accessible for people like you and me. You can think of us like Uber for expense management if that helps. 
  • Our first original creation was Commerical Debit Card, ClearSpend Go.
    A timeless cerebral virtual and physical corporate card. Nice, right? It just…seemed so obvious. It set the tone for the future. 
  • Fast forward to today, we’re still coming up with new products and tools to unite small businesses. 
    We’re bringing it alllll to ClearSpend. Put your fate in our hands and treat yourself to a bit of automated expense management and spend control.  

We’re driven by our values (and coffee)

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Take action over words

We commit to being awesome at the things we do and doing them fast—without being paralyzed with inaction. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. We walk our talk. We make it happen.

Always do the right thing

We bring our best, let go of egos, work with trust and do great things together. Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We do the right thing—even when no one is watching. 

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Keep it simple

We must focus on impact. Don’t worry about having the perfect answer. Start simple. Test, learn, iterate.

Be an owner

We accept full ownership of our commitments and empower and trust others to achieve theirs. We love what we do, and we empower each other to give it our all. We believe in owning it!

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Our team is growing. Join us on this amazing journey.

Sometimes it’s nice to see smart people getting along and creating new products to help save small businesses money. Perhaps the most fruitful results of joining a newly assembled cartel will be all the awesome remote work benefits. Let us help you join the ClearSpend team.

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Who qualifies for ClearSpend?

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Any US-based business with an EIN and US bank account.

How is ClearSpend different than its competitors?

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ClearSpend does not require a credit check and can be set up in minutes. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees, and ClearSpend is free to businesses of any size.

What is ClearSpend?

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ClearSpend is the only free expense management platform built with and for small businesses and their bookkeepers. ClearSpend makes it easy for businesses to create and fund budgets, issue spend-restricted payment cards to employees, categorize transactions, collect receipts, and sync everything to your accounting system, saving you time and money.

How does ClearSpend protect my privacy and data?

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ClearSpend encrypts all personally-identifiable information, including passwords, and does not store your full card numbers in any of its systems. All logins to the ClearSpend app and website are secured with two-factor authentication.

Where is ClearSpend located?

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ClearSpend has a headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a remote workforce all over the US and world.

How much does ClearSpend cost?

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Zero dollars. Yup, nothing. Nada. No dimes, no pennies. ClearSpend is free, forever, for everyone.

How does ClearSpend make money?

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Every time you spend money on your ClearSpend card, the merchant pays a transaction fee that is split between the merchant's acquiring bank, the card network, and card issuing bank. ClearSpend earns a portion of this fee.

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