Go Card: The card that puts you in control

ClearSpend’s Go Cards are prepaid business debit cards give you total control over how your funds are spent, with none of those pesky little surprises at the end of the month. Oh, and no more dealing with employee reimbursements either.
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Prepaid and pre-planned

With the ability to restrict spend by merchant category and daily/monthly limits, you’ll have complete control over how your employees spend company funds. Let your (control) freak flag fly. Fund your Go Cards from any business bank, set the categories and limits, then rest assured that your money is going where it’s supposed to (and not to pay for $7 frappuccinos).

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All the virtual cards you could ever want (for free!)

Create and fund ClearSpend cards at any time in just a few clicks—with as many virtual cards as you want, all for free. Want a thousand virtual cards for your five employees? Sure, you can do that. It would be weird, but we won’t stop you. You can also get up to 10 physical cards at first, then contact us to get more later on. 

Set spend and merchant limits, assign cards to employees, and fund them right from the ClearSpend app or dashboard…or cancel them…whatever you want to do. Physical cards can be issued and delivered to your employees in 5-10 days by US Mail. 

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Visa baby…Visa

Go Cards run on the network that you already know and trust—and are accepted pretty much everywhere. Get the fraud protection and prompt returns for unauthorized transactions that only Visa can provide.

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Stop reimbursing employee personal card use…just stop it

Receipt management, reconciliation, and all that jazz that you used to do in Excel spreadsheets and endless forms…that’s done with. Now you can easily do it from the ClearSpend dashboard and have way more control over how money gets allocated and spent. It’s like having little expense fairies watching over your dollars. Feel free to thank us later.

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Spending as easy as eating pizza (but with more self-control)

Add ClearSpend Go Cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay and spend wherever their accepted. Copy your card details from the app to instantly paste into e-commerce sites like Amazon. You can literally create a virtual card and start spending money on it in minutes…but with the controls you set firmly in place (we swear). 

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How it works


Set up and fund your ClearSpend account from any US bank.


Add your employees.


Create a Go Card (can be virtual, physical, or both).


Set as many or as few limits as you want.


With the click of a button, your employee’s virtual card is delivered instantly, or their physical card will be delivered in 5-10 days.

Oh yeah, and all ClearSpend Go Cards are free!

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