We’re making expense management way easier for bookkeepers

ClearSpend is the first expense management solution specifically built for the small business bookkeeper. Not only that, it’s designed to make your life way easier and give you significantly more control over how your company’s (or client’s) money gets spent. 
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Manual spreadsheets…we hate them as much as you do

At ClearSpend, we believe that expense management should be automated—and not something you (it’s always you, isn’t it?) have to spend hours pouring over Excel spreadsheets to achieve. Set budgets and assign spend controls, then let ClearSpend take care of the rest. 

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Expense reports…arrrggghhh!!!

The average expense report is costing you way too much time and money (see below), and there hasn’t been a cost-effective solution for small businesses—until now. By replacing tedious expense reports with ClearSpend’s expense management and reporting, you’ll be cutting those costs by a ridiculous amount.

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The current expense reporting process is broken

High cost and low efficiency.

20 Minutes

Is the average time it takes for a finance professional to complete one expense report.

$58 USD

Is the average cost for a finance professional to process one expense report.

-19% Errors

Average percent of completed expense reports with errors

18 Minutes

Average time it takes to correct inaccurate expense reports.

$52 USD

The cost to correct one expense report.

This should not be happening. We can help you make it stop.

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Never look at a shoebox full of receipts again

The days of having your employees use their personal cards for business expenses and giving you crumpled up receipts are over. So are the days of ‘questionable’ reimbursements. ClearSpend Go Cards allow you to set spend limits and control where cards can be spent. When you do want those receipts, people can upload them directly in the ClearSpend app, at the time of transaction.

Make people follow your rules

With ClearSpend Go Cards, you can set limits for all sorts of things: daily spending, monthly spending, and merchant categories like gas stations, restaurants, travel, and many more. Rules are automatically enforced on the card, so you can be sure that people aren’t having too much fun on the company dime (unless you want them to).

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QuickBooks integration that doesn’t mess up your books

Integrating QuickBooks with an expense management system shouldn’t break everything…but that’s what sometimes happens with the other guys. ClearSpend seamlessly syncs all transactions and receipts with QuickBooks online—without messing up your books or ruining your day. In fact, it will make your day (and many more days) much better.  

Fast implementation, easy onboarding

A lot of expense management solutions are super hard to learn and implement, we know, we’ve been there ourselves. Our job is to be the opposite of that. ClearSpend is designed for fast implementation, easy onboarding, and to be super simple to learn and use. We’ll support your onboarding journey and ensure that you’re set up for success. 

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Real support from real human beings

We heard some of our competitors don’t like to talk with you on the phone when you have important questions, or try to help you with ‘bots’...We promise that we’ll be there when you have an issue and concern, with a real human with real empathy to help you every step of the way. 

ClearSpend is not another line item—it’s free!

This isn’t another monthly subscription fee your company has to pay, or something where you’ll need to justify the expense to your boss. ClearSpend is completely free to use for every feature, including creating and mailing Visa cards. Seriously, there’s no catch. 

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