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What in the Heck Is a Business Virtual Debit Card?

Learn about what business virtual debit cards are, why small businesses should use them, and how they offer better spend control features than other business card options.

There's virtual bloggers, virtual reality — and now virtual credit and virtual debit cards? 

Wondering what the heck virtual debit cards are, and more importantly, what they mean for your business? We've got you covered.  

This guide explores the difference between virtual credit cards used by consumers and virtual debit cards used by businesses. Despite sounding similar, these are very different products. 

Oh, and we'll share how ClearSpend's virtual business debit cards help businesses get control of expenses and end expense and reimbursement hassles. 

What is a virtual debit card for business? 

A business virtual debit card is a virtual card employees can use for business-related expenses, like buying printer paper, picking up lunch for casual Fridays, or work trips.  

Business virtual debit cards are funded from your business bank account, so there's no credit card bill to pay. Unlike a business credit card, you can generate cards anytime you need them and even assign them to specific employees. 

They also provide a ton of spending control features, making spending management easier and safer. If you're tired of expense reports, managing receipts, and reconciling receipts, virtual business debit cards are your new BFF. 

Here's how they work: 

Sue in accounting needs a card to buy business software. You generate a virtual debit card, assign it to Sue, load funds to it from your connected business bank account, and then set business software as an approved merchant category. 

Sue takes that virtual debit card and buys that fancy new accounting software you need. With ClearSpend, she can easily do this from the mobile app or on the web. But she won't be able to (accidentally, we hope) purchase lunch for the whole office or book a vacation. Plus, you can see exactly what was purchased in real-time. And, since it's a debit card, the cash comes right out of your business account—there's no credit card bill to pay. 

Want your very own virtual debit card? ClearSpend's Go Card is an easy to control, easy to manage virtual debit card.

What are the benefits of ClearSpend's virtual business debit card? 

At ClearSpend, we're all about making spend control and expense management easy. Which is why our Go Card offers superior control and expense management features. 

Here's why you'll fall in love with our Go Card: 

  • Stay in control of spending: Set strict control limits for your cards (or don't, we're not the boss of you) so employees can only make approved purchases at approved locations. Assign them to specific employees and turn them on and off at the push of a button. 
  • Create as many cards as you want: Create virtual or physical Go Cards in just a few clicks—as many as you want, all for free. Want 1000 credit card numbers? Nobody's stopping you. They'll all connect to your business account and can be canceled at any time. 
  • No more expense spreadsheets: Tired of expense reports? We get it. We help put an end to receipt management and reconciliation. 🙌 With ClearSpend's virtual debit cards, you can manage everything right from our dashboard.  
  • Use it everywhere: ClearSpend Go Cards have a Visa logo, so you can use them anywhere. You can copy card details from the app to an ecommerce site (think Amazon), and use them for Apple Pay or Google Pay. Easy, peasy. 

Controlling your business spending is hard, but it doesn't have to be. With ClearSpend's virtual debit card, you're in complete control, 24/7. 

What's the difference between a virtual credit card and ClearSpend's business virtual debit card? 

Virtual credit cards and business virtual debit cards are drastically different products—but they sound pretty similar. It's easy to see why there's some confusion. 

Here's the low down: 

Virtual credit cards protect your credit card number online and prevent fraud or shady merchants from setting up unapproved recurring subscriptions. You can set spending limits and expiration dates, but can't limit where the money is spent. The payment is processed through your actual credit card, so you still have to pay your bill. 

ClearSpend's virtual debit cards are designed to control and track business expense spending. You can limit spending by amount and merchant category. For example, you can limit spending to only office supply stores or gas stations. (Or both, if that's what you need!) 

Don't want just a virtual card? ClearSpend Go Cards are available in virtual and physical form.

Your business virtual debit card will have a Visa logo, but it's connected to your business bank account, so there's no credit card bill to pay. 

ClearSpend Go Cards are completely free.

Let your (control) freak flag fly with ClearSpend's Go Card   

Our business virtual debit cards provide more control over employee spending. They can be a physical or digital card and connect directly to your business bank account. Set spend and merchant limits, assign cards to specific employees, and fund them right from the ClearSpend app or dashboard. 

Want to stop juggling receipts, spreadsheets, reconciliation, and endless expense reports? 

Use the ClearSpend app or dashboard to see where the money goes. It's kind of like having a little expense report fairy you don't have to pay.

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