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4 Magical Things That Happen When You Move Your Company Spend To ClearSpend

From corporate cards to software subscriptions, all spend is better when it’s done in ClearSpend. In fact, the more spend you move to ClearSpend, the more magic that happens for your business.

Tom Sullivan
Tom is ClearSpend's Director of Inbound Marketing. When he's not writing about small business expense management, you can find him coaching little league baseball, fishing, and exploring the nature of North Idaho.

While you might sign up for ClearSpend to give a few employees access to corporate cards in seconds (pretty nifty, right?), we’re going to challenge you to do more with our platform. Why, you ask? Because the more spend you move into ClearSpend, the more awesome benefits you get. 

We’re talking more control, more savings, and more time back in your schedule. Here’s why you should move all, not just some, of your company spend into ClearSpend.

1. Your money goes where it belongs

When you move money from your business bank account to ClearSpend, you can sort it better than ever before. That’s because ClearSpend allows you to create, fund, and allocate budgets. 

Once those funds hit, you can separate them out, dollar by dollar, to the exact budget where they should go. $2,500 for marketing, $3,128.78 for business trip per diems, and $7,321.58 for vendor payments. Whatever you’ve budgeted becomes a reality, down to the last penny. The more money you put into ClearSpend, the safer that money is. 

You can match employee (or contractor) cards to the allocation that they’re spending from. That way when your marketing team spends money, it comes from the marketing allocation and not the funds set aside for office birthday party margaritas… thank goodness. 

Since it’s pre-funded, not a penny more can get spent from each budget allocation. That, along with the fact that ClearSpend cards have tight spend control restrictions (more on that later) means that your budget is as strong as Kanye West’s self-confidence. No doubt whatsoever. 

2. More control over spending, less financial waste

Funding those budgets are assigning cards to your team members is not where control-freak fun ends. In fact, that’s just when the party is getting started. For each card, you get super granular spend control tools that control exactly what that card can do. 

Say you’re giving out a card for an employee business trip. You can approve or deny merchant categories for that card that they would only need for that trip. Travel? Approved. Restaurants? Approved. Shopping? Nah. Gambling? Definitely nah. 

In addition, you can also set daily, monthly, or per-transaction limits for each card. So if someone tries to go to the fanciest restaurant in town when their allowed spending limit is only $75… they get stuck with the bill instead of your business. You set the rules, and ClearSpend enforces them. 

Again, the more money you move into ClearSpend, the more control over that money you have. And, the less that money gets wasted or spent on things it shouldn’t get spent on…

3. Spending money gets easier and safer at the same time

At ClearSpend, we believe expense reports are dead. And we especially believe that the old ways of business spending are ripe for improvement. It’s kind of why we created our product. 

With ClearSpend, you won’t need to deal with expense reports and physical receipts because everything happens inside the platform and mobile app. 

Need to give a remote employee across the country $2,000 to buy a new MacBook Pro? Just assign them a ClearSpend card, fund it for $2,000, then have them download the ClearSpend app. From there, they can access their card numbers and instantly add them to Apple or Google Pay so they can buy that laptop at the Mac Store. Oh, and no physical card was needed for this transaction, it was all done on a virtual card, in a matter of minutes. 

ClearSpend lets you create as many virtual cards as you want, and you can get physical cards too. Now, instead of reimbursing employees and wasting time and money on expense reports, you can take that time (and control) back by giving everyone in your company (even contractors) a ClearSpend card. 

Graphic showing multiple screenshot of the ClearSpend app
Spending company money is safe and easy with ClearSpend virtual cards

4. Closing the books gets a whole lot easier

In the scenario above, once your employee purchases that MacBook Pro, they can add the receipt for it to the ClearSpend app and mark it as ‘employee equipment’ or whatever category you’d like it to be. Then, transaction details, expense categories, and receipts can get reviewed by a bookkeeper or accountant inside of ClearSpend. If everything looks good, they can sync the transaction(s) with Quickbooks. Everything you need to close the books on that purchase is there, no extra work necessary. No expense report needed, more time back to work on things that matter. 

Unlike some other expense management platforms, our Quickbooks integration doesn’t create duplicate records or do weird things that break your books. We’ve consulted with CPAs to ensure that we do not do that, and have gone to great lengths to create the Quickbooks integration that works best for bookkeepers and accountants.

In fact, if you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, we think our Quickbooks integration is so good that you might be able to take on a few more clients with all that time you save (if your clients are using ClearSpend…😉).

Join the party! 🥳 Your company spend is invited to ClearSpend

If you want more control, more savings, and more time back into your day, we’re here for you. All you need to do is sign up (it’s free, btw), go through our quick and easy onboarding (it really is easy), move that spend into ClearSpend, and start dishing out those cards.

Moving company spend to ClearSpend is as easy as beating a 5-year-old at checkers. Seriously easy! Much easier than doing things the old-fashioned way. 

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