Finally, a spend control and expense management solution for small business

Built specifically with and for small businesses and their bookkeepers. Reimagining what spend control and expense management should be.

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ClearSpend App Free Spend Control and Expense Management

ClearSpend is free. Forever. For everyone.

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Here’s how we save you fat stacks of cash on your expenses…

We're not just another corporate card

With ClearSpend, you can create virtual corporate cards in seconds. Don’t want the feeling of a burner card? No problem. Snag a branded physical card. Both cards give you the flexibility to set spend limits, pause, unpause, and close the card any time you want.

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See how ClearSpend's Go Card works

ClearSepnd App create custom virtual corporate cards in seconds

Spending that you can actually control

Set your spending policies down to the nitty gritty details, and let ClearSpend automatically take care of the rest. Let your inner control freak rejoice. You can set limits for merchant categories and daily/monthly spending, then embed those limits directly onto ClearSpend Go Cards. You make the rules, our spend control solution enforces them.

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ClearSpend Web App search you're spending policies limits such things as merchant categories and daily or monthly spending amounts
ClearSpend Web App automated expense management tool

Manage your expense reports without lifting a finger

At some point over the month, you're going to have to set aside some time to run your expense reports. A tedious task, we know, but somebody's gotta do it (and that somebody is definitely probably you). We offer you a totally personalized, automated expense management tool. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

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See how expense management works

Everything a small business owner (and their bookkeeper) ever dreamed of

(Maybe even more...)

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Easy to get started

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Instant Application

Any US-based business can sign up. If you have an EIN, you qualify for ClearSpend.

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No Credit Check

Once we verify your business and owner details, you’re golden.

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No Fees

ClearSpend is free to businesses of any size. There are no monthly fees, transaction fees, interest charges, or card issuing fees.

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Bank Funded

Fund your ClearSpend account from your business bank account. ClearSpend supports most US banks.

Makes life so much better

  • Prepaid Debit

    All the controls, none of the surprise bills at the end of the month.

  • Budget Management

    Create, fund, and allocate budgets. Then track and control how they’re spent.

  • Spend Controls

    Set daily and monthly limits. Set different merchant categories for each card (like gas or hardware stores only).

  • Expense Tracking

    Easily categorize payments using the ClearSpend app or dashboard.

  • Receipt Management

    Attach receipts directly in the app when payments are made, before they get lost in the wind…

  • Bank-Grade Security

    We use the strongest security controls and multi-factor authentication. Our app supports biometric ID and PIN-based login.

Works when and where you need it

ClearSpend App

Easily manage your physical and virtual payment cards from the free app (coming soon).

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Real Time Card Management

Create or cancel virtual and physical cards with a click. Anytime, anywhere, no need to call.

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Apple Pay and Google Pay

Load your ClearSpend card (virtual or physical) to your smart phone or watch for tap-to-pay convenience.

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Visa Network

Fraud protection you know and trust. Prompt refunds for fraudulent-proved transactions.

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Unlimited Virtual Cards

Issue as many virtual cards as you need.

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Accounting Integration

Save time and hassle by syncing transactions and receipts with QuickBooks Online.

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Copy Virtual Cards

Quickly tap to copy your virtual card numbers to use on e-commerce sites.

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Small businesses are getting excited

Small business owners, managers, and accountants from all walks of life are getting pumped up about what ClearSpend can do for them.

“The receipt gathering in a central location and the ability to give permissions to different people are music to our ears. That gives me, the owner, all the control, especially with it being a debit card with a limit that I can load onto it. With the Quickbooks integration, you're taking away all the extra steps, which adds time back to my schedule. That's really quite priceless. I don't know who it wouldn't work for…and it’s free. It's convincing enough to use it. I probably would have paid for it too. I'm very interested in this. It sounds great. I'm excited for the release!”

Julie N
Yoga and Pilates Studio Owner

“I like the different buckets of the spend, that right there saves me time. I love the virtual card, it’s a no brainer for all our people. The dashboard is a nice, quick, easy access point, it's all right there in front of you. There's so many things that are a home run for us. And it makes our jobs in managing those cards much easier. Sign me up. I'm ready!”

Michael G
Facilities Management Company Owner

"The mass amount of cards is a huge thing for us, and then also being able to set that budget and spending limits, it's a really big deal. It’s fantastic for reducing the amount of theft that we have to process. ClearSpend’s virtual cards are great too. The virtual cards we’ve been using with Chase are so complicated to set up. It usually takes three people working for an hour and a half to get one established, and then it still takes 24 hours before it's active, so fixing that issue is great. Also, it’s fantastic that it’s free because I’m tired of paying all these fees."

Mae M
COO of a live theatre production company
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ClearSpend is free. Forever. For everyone.

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